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Or Maybe She Just Wants Her House Cleaned for Free

Hippie chick #1: Wait, so what’s your mother’s excuse for treating you like a maid?
Hippie chick #2: She says she’s training me for when I get married.
Hippie chick #1: But I thought your mom was a total fembot.
Hippie chick #2: She claims to be, but this isn’t her only hypocritical fetish. I mean, the woman drinks nonalcoholic wine.


Overheard by: Domestically Apathetic

Is ‘Oxycodone’ with an ‘I’ or a ‘Y’?

Lady suit: I can’t keep coming here to get my prescription filled. They’re beginning to recognize me.
Suit: So what?
Lady suit: So, what if I get in trouble?
Suit: Why would you get in trouble? You have a prescription from a doctor.
Lady suit: If you say so. Oh, shit, I forgot to put the date on this.

–Duane Reade, 89th & Columbus

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Dude, You Know You Can Play Beer Pong after College?

Frat boy #1: Dude, when do you graduate?
Frat boy #2: Like, next year, man.
Frat boy #1: How long have you been in school, man? Like, five years, right?
Frat boy #2: Anyone that leaves college in less than five years is a loser. It’s like someone who leaves the party at 10:30 — things are just getting started!

–Line for The Colbert Report

Overheard by: Praying he stops talking

Puts the ‘Narc’ in Narcissism

Girl looking in mirror: You know what? I would make a really good-looking crack whore.
Boy: What? … Probably.

–Weinstein Residence Hall, NYU

Overheard by: Emily

Headline by: Ethan

· “All he heard was “whore”” – Marigumi
· “Holding the mirror between her legs” – anne nahm
· “I’ll agree with whatever gets me laid” – Dustin
· “Lose a few teef, add a few bruises, I be shinin'” – Dingolite
· “This Is Your Brain on Uggs” – NK

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