Someone Has to Set Our Gender Back

College girl #1: Yeah, she’s afraid to go out anywhere. She always thinks she’s going to get raped.
College girl #2: I don’t understand the big deal about rape. If it happened to me I’d be like, ‘Oh, well, it was bound to happen.’
College girl #3: Haha, you’d probably like it.
College girl #2, nodding: Yeah, I would.

–Elevator in apartment building

Overheard by: Neil

Wednesday One-Liners Drink It All In.

Hip-hop type to two others: Yo, you wanna roll by Friday's for a quick mudslide?

–Union Square

Overheard by: Heather K

Stylish woman to suit: Excuse me, do you know where there's a high-end coffee shop around here? I've seen a lot of Starbucks, but their coffee is really hard to digest.

–Columbus Circle

Girl to another: I said, those shots must have something in them! But then he kept talking about his ass for awhile.

–Bedford & Myrtle

Overheard by: Sneaky

Flight attendant on PA: This is American Airlines flight 179 to New York's John F. Kennedy airport–excuse me, to San Francisco! (pause) I need a little more coffee…

–JFK Airport

If You Thought Pot/Kettle, You’re As Bad As Them

Black lady #1: I’m still waiting for that African guy to get back.
Black lady #2: You mean the guy with the crazy kids running all around? Those kids were wild.
Black lady #1: Well you know those people, they aren’t used to being indoors.
Black lady #2: Yeah they used to running all around in the jungle. –Central Post Office, 8th Avenue Overheard by: Baby Bee

The Next Episode of Everybody Hates Chris

Kid: Mama! Can I get these chips?
Woman: Uh-uh! That shit is a dollar! That means no change! Put it back! [Turns to friend] I can’t believe these damn kids with my fuckin’ money! I work eight days a week! And I ain’t suckin’ no dick!
Friend: Mmm-hm.

–145th St & Edgecombe Ave

Overheard by: Sam