The Rising Popularity of America's Next Top Model Has Everyone Confused

White teacher to ninth grade class: Okay, everyone, drop your papers on my desk. Drop it like it's hot!
Latino student (laughing): Miss, you can't say things like “drop it like it's hot”!
White teacher: Why not?
Latino student: 'cause you're white! White people don't say things like “drop it like it's hot”. White people say things like “neat!” and “there is no “I” in team”.

–The Bronx

Don't Mistake Kindness for Weakness, Motherfucker!

Nicely dressed middle-aged Latina: Oh sir, I am sorry my bag was on that chair… Let me move it for you.
Unattractive, older white male: Well then, fucking move it!
Nicely dressed middle-aged Latina: Oh… Go scratch your ass! Ain't no-one wanna sit next to your ugly ass anyway!


Overheard by: xhockeyxfightx

Maybe ThugLover12 Isn’t the Best Alias for You

Queer #1: So when he showed up I was surprised because he was kinda gangsta.
Queer #2: Ok, so what’s wrong with that?
Queer #1: Well, I guess I should have expected it because his profile said he was from the Bronx… but I mean you can still be from the Bronx and be Americanized. –Union Square East