Don't Mistake Kindness for Weakness, Motherfucker!

Nicely dressed middle-aged Latina: Oh sir, I am sorry my bag was on that chair… Let me move it for you.
Unattractive, older white male: Well then, fucking move it!
Nicely dressed middle-aged Latina: Oh… Go scratch your ass! Ain't no-one wanna sit next to your ugly ass anyway!


Overheard by: xhockeyxfightx

Maybe ThugLover12 Isn’t the Best Alias for You

Queer #1: So when he showed up I was surprised because he was kinda gangsta.
Queer #2: Ok, so what’s wrong with that?
Queer #1: Well, I guess I should have expected it because his profile said he was from the Bronx… but I mean you can still be from the Bronx and be Americanized. –Union Square East