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Tell Us All about It, Dear

Professor: So, what did you all think of the Bodies Exhibit? Is there any part of the human anatomy you think you’d change if you had the chance?
Hipster guy: I’d get rid of nipples on guys. They’re kind of pointless.
Professor: That’s true. Although some men have very sensitive bosoms and enjoy being touched there. Have any of you ever been with a man who had a sensitive bosom? [One student awkwardly raises her hand.] –Pratt Institute Overheard by: traPt

She Learned Her Lesson from the “You Kids Like Rape?” Guy

Suit to teen couple: You kids like drugs?
Girl: Um… Is that a trick question? –Union Square Headline by: MrCandey Runners-Up:
· “Because I Only Trick for Cocaine” – ToddS
· “Like “Find America on a Map?” – Krisztina
· “Listen, Are You Getting In This Van Or What?” – gib
· “No, but Speak Closer to My Tie…” – Danny the Mullins
· “Worst Narc Ever” – samson
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Ummm, I’m the Pilot

Wife: Honey, she’s the waitress.
Annoyed husband: She is not the waitress.
Wife: Yes, she is.
Annoyed husband: She’s the stewardess. –JetBlue, JFK Overheard by: Jess McGins