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Look, Can We Just Fuck So I Can Stop Pretending to Care?

Girl #1, about her new website: So, our e-newsletter will be sent out weekly with pictures accompanying every article….
Girl #2, trying really hard to be interested: That’s a very… interesting way to keep things… interesting, and get people… interested… in what you’re selling. That’s great!

–Greyhound bus, Port Authority

Overheard by: Sim

Do Not Insert Any Part of the Chair into Any Part of You

Professor #1, reading from card: There is a chair available for your monologues. Do not stand on the chair. Do not throw the chair.
Applicants and parents: [Laugh.]
Professor #1: Do not disrobe.
Applicants and parents: [Laugh harder.]
Professor #2: You laugh, but they’re on that card for a reason.


Overheard by: ZB

I Hear If You Don’t Have Sex for Two Years, You Become a Virgin Again, Too

Girl #1: Why does she seem so nasty and stressed all the time?
Girl #2: Well, I think it’s because she’s a lesbian by default.
Girl #1: A what?
Girl #2: A lesbian by default. She’s such a bitch that guys don’t want anything to do with her.

–Manhattan Lounge

Overheard by: fpod