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It Makes Me Horny. You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Horny

Straight girl: Oooohhh, you know who has the best tits? Isabella Rossellini. Great, great tits.
Gay guy: Oh, you're right! I didn't even think of her.
Straight girl: I don't know how someone her age can have tits that great.
Gay guy: Yeah, if your tits are half that good when you turn her age, you should die a happy woman.
Lesbian: Dear god, why are we talking about Isabella Rossellini's tits on the subway? For that matter, why are we talking about them anywhere?!

–N Train

They Have Nothing to Lose and They're Not Afraid to Die

Crazy guy: I don't give a fuck! I'll fight all ya'll muthafuckas! I'm from Brooklyn East New York, nigga! I'll fuck up every muthafucka in here…
Old guy: Bitch, you step on my shoe! I'll take my belt off and beat your ass with it! Look at my hair- it's grey! You don't talk to me like that, I beat your ass!
Crazy guy: Uhh… I don't fight old people–that's bad luck. (awkwardly exits car)

–1 Train

Screw This– Let's Just Go to the Twin Towers

Curly-haired boy: This is not the Empire State Building!
Girl in yellow pants: It clearly says it is on the building. They're just remodeling the top.
Curly-haired boy: No, they're just advertising for the Empire State Building. This is not it.
Girl in yellow pants: I'll go ask the security guard.
(girl leaves with another boy, comes back)
Girl in yellow pants
: There, even he said it is the Empire State.

Curly-haired boy: You saw how he laughed at you when you asked. He was tricking you.

–In front of Empire State Building

Overheard by: thereyo

Deaf Chick Lesbian Porn Is Always the Hottest

College girl: Fuck, I have to do this research paper on Anne Frank over the holiday week!
College guy #1: Make sure to include the part about her being a lesbian.
College guy #2: Anne Frank was not a lesbian, you idiot!
College guy #3: No, I am pretty sure I saw one of the videos she made once.
College girl (walking away): I'm gonna go throw up.
College guy #2: How the hell did either of you even get into college?

–8th St & 6th Ave

Plus, It's a Unique Résumé Bullet

20-something girl to stripper: Wow, it's really your first night?
Stripper: Yeahh. It's pretty cool. Just gave my first lap dance.
20-something girl: Oh my god! How exciting!
Stripper: I mean, I gotta pay the tuition bills. My summer internship at Goldman Sachs doesn't pay so I had to make some cash somehow.

–Cheetah's Strip Club