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None of Them Would Talk to Me

Preppy guy #1: How was that bar in Midtown?
Preppy guy #2: Dude, it was awesome… It was full of hot chicks.
Preppy guy #1: If it was so great, why did you text me eight times in one hour and are now standing next to me pissing at this bar? –Restroom, Delancey Bar Overheard by: Al

She’s Unconscious and Naked Right Now

Lady: Why are you wearing a St. John’s shirt? Do you go there?
13-year-old girl: It’s a college, Agnes.
Lady: Do you go there?
13-year-old girl: No, my sister does.
Lady: Then why isn’t she wearing it? –McDonald’s, Francis Lewis Blvd & Willets Pt, Queens