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Come On! College Kids Don’t Wake Up in the Morning!

Ice cream man: Yo, man, can I get a cigarette?
Male student: Uh, sure. They’re cloves — is that okay?
Ice cream man: Yeah, man. Just need some air in my lungs [lights up in the ice cream truck]. Yo, you must love going here. You must wake up in the morning and be like, ‘Mmm, smells like…’ Hahaha

–Outside F.I.T.

Overheard by: Monochrome

And He’s about to Mace You

Old lady, to two-year-old: … And what a sweet little girl you are! [Lady turns to child’s father] It’s nice to see that in this day of child molesters and perverts your daughter isn’t afraid of playing with complete strangers.
Old lady’s old hubby, whispering: Honey, that’s a little boy.

–La Bagel, 15th & 1st

None of Them Would Talk to Me

Preppy guy #1: How was that bar in Midtown?
Preppy guy #2: Dude, it was awesome… It was full of hot chicks.
Preppy guy #1: If it was so great, why did you text me eight times in one hour and are now standing next to me pissing at this bar?

–Restroom, Delancey Bar

Overheard by: Al

Wine’s Not Bad, Either

NYU boy #1: The French used to be all militaristic, like, back in the time of Napoleon.
NYU boy #2: Yeah, but now they’re just all about wine and cheese.
NYU boy #1: Yeah… Cheese is good, though.
NYU boy #2: True, very true.

–Silver Center, NYU

Overheard by: Sam