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I’m Glad We Had This Little Talk

12-year-old girl #1: Do you even like boys?
12-year-old girl #2: Yeah, I do!
12-year-old girl #1: Sure… You like them boys who be wearin’ all light colors, walkin’ around like, ‘How you doooin’? I’ma braid your hair!’
12-year-old girl #2: What? No. I like boys, I don’t like titties.
12-year-old girl #1, after a pause: Some boys be havin’ titties, though.
12-year-old girl #2: Word.

–Graham & Metropolitan, Brooklyn

Overheard by: amused in the bus stop

Situational Ethics

Hobo #1, searching garbage: You know, money is definitely overrated.
Hobo #2: Yeah, that’s true. I mean, it’s something, but it’s not everything. I mean, who needs that shit anyway?
Hobo #1: True. [20 minutes later] Hey, can you spare some change?

–115th & Broadway