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The Statue Of Liberty's All About Huddled Masses Yearning to Ship Free

Teenage boy: So we get to New York, right? And I look at the sign, and it says in big letters: “Welcome to New York, home of the blah blah.”
Teenage girl: “Blah blah”?
Teenage boy: Well, I really think it said: “Home of Free Shipping,” which would be totally kick-ass because I really want free shipping. I mean, it's like sixty bucks to ship stuff these days!

–Penn Station

Old, Straight…. There's Just Nothing Hot About Her

Male NYU student #1: I find myself oddly attracted to Diane Keaton.
Male NYU student #2: that's pretty gross, dude.
Male NYU student #2
: Wait, isn't she a lesbian?

Male NYU student #1: Nah, I think that's Jodie Foster.
Male NYU student #2
: Yeah, that's pretty gross, dude.

–Washington Square Park

Overheard by: Junkballer