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He's Not Just President of the Ghetto; He's Also a Member

Asian chick: Yeah, we're sisters!
White chick: Don't you mean “sistas”?
Asian chick: Oh, yeah, right.
White chick: Why is it I have to teach you ghetto language when I am the least ghetto person I know?
Homeless guy: What's wrong with the ghetto?
White chick: Nothing's wrong with the ghetto. I'm just not from there.
Homeless guy: The biggest dicks are in the ghetto!

–33rd St & 3rd Ave

Manhattan Jackals Are Quick to Scent a Fashion Weakness

Girl #1 to girl #2: You are like, the epitome of a Connecticut girl.
Queer friend: Yeah, you really are.
Girl #1: I mean, how many pairs of Uggs do you own?
Girl #2: (flicks her hair behind her shoulder, embarrassed) I don't know.
(general chuckling)
Queer friend, laughing
: Don't worry, hon, I have two!

–Fashion Institute of Technology