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What About Eskimo Jesus?

Boyfriend: Look at that little kid, it looks like he's walking on water.
Girlfriend: He's Jesus.
Boyfriend: I never knew Jesus was a mulatto.
Girlfriend: No, he was Indian, didn't you know? (pause) An American Indian.

–6th Ave

Overheard by: eavesdropper

We Were Rooting for You Right Until the End, Lady

Large ghetto lady: Astro place?
Thug: Yeah, Astro place.
Large ghetto lady: Motherfucka, can you read?!
Thug: It's Astro place, it should definitely be Astro place.
Large ghetto lady: It's Astor place, ain't no Astro place.
Thug: Like, do you throw asses at it and shit?
Large ghetto lady: Asto-o-o-o-r-r-r place (laughs condescendingly for at least a minute) Yo, I got arrested at Astor place.

–Downtown 6 Train

Overheard by: Sad to say, I got off at the same stop.