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Suddenly, I'm Galvanized by a Jolt of Pop Culture Goodness

Gay guy: Ugh, I can't stand these small theaters. They're so cramped and sweaty, and the seats are too small.
Girl: Whatever, you're just being a snob.
Gay guy: Yeah well, maybe I've just paid my dues long enough in this city to feel above this scene. I don't think…
Girl (interrupts): Oh my god, Mandy Moore just walked in.
Gay guy (gasps and whips around): Mandy Moore?! Where?!

–Cherry Lane Theater

Is It Fair That White People Monopolize All the Irony? Discuss

Guy #1: Can't believe there are so many cops out.
Guy #2: It's probably because of the 4th of July, you know, security threats, terrorism.
Drunk girl (shouts, pumps fist in the air): Oh yeah, terrorism!
Guy #2: Can you not do that 10 feet from those cops?!
Drunk girl: What, who cares? I'm white. It's ironic!

–W. 43rd & Broadway

That's What She Gets for Devouring That Goat That Was Tethered to the Ground

Girl #2: You’re so right! She does kind of look like a Tyrannosaur!
Girl #1: Oh my god, you’re so mean.
Girl #2: What? You said it first.
Girl #1: I said: “She kind of looks like a tennis player.”
Girl #2: Um, oh. Oops.

–1 Train

Overheard by: ouch.

Headline by: James

· “Either Way, She Makes Quite a Racket” – DotTim

· “I Always Get Lesbians and Giant Man-Eating Lizards Confused.” – L.J.
· “If It’s Martina Navratilova, They’re Both Right.” – Brady
· “It’s the Way She Devoured the Competition” – Markle9
· “Serenasaur or Venusaur?” – Matt
· “With the Racket and the Tiny Arms, It Could Really Go Either Way.” – Rosie

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The Occasional Hostile Stare, for Example

White girl #1: Do you live here?
White girl #2: Yeah.
White girl #1: We were thinking of moving here. How is it?
White girl #2: The super is okay. The building is fine. Good value, I guess.
White girl #1: I know! We were so excited to find a place on the Upper East Side for so cheap!
White girl #2: Uh, this isn't the Upper East Side: this is Harlem.
White girl #1: Oh… I guess that would explain a lot.

–E 129th & Madison