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I Think We've Stumbled Upon the Idea for a Sci-Fi Flick

Girl #1: What do you call a person who delivers newspapers?
Girl #2: A “delivery person.”
Girl #1: Fine, be the non-conformist.
Girl #2: What would the conformist say?
Girl #1: “Paperboy,” and then get confused because what if it's an old woman?
Girl #2: Oh right, so, “paper person.” But then it sounds like those paper people chains I used to make as a kid, except mine were always awful and deformed…because you make one little mistake and then they're all fucked up. Suddenly I've got a chain of twenty-one legged freaks and can't sleep at night.
Girl #1: “Twenty one-legged freaks.” Not “twenty-one legged freaks.”
Girl #2: Though both terrifying.
Girl #1: The heck you talking about?

–Union Square

She Said, as She Adjusted Her Burka.

(talking about man with tattoos covering his arms)
Woman #1
: Wow, can you believe that?

Woman #2: I know! I could never do that to my body.
Woman #1: Yeah! I mean, all my tattoos are in places you can't see.

–G Train

Overheard by: EFO

Headline by: tatoo-less

· “But My Colonoscopist Says They’re Lovely!” – Fred

· “For Only My Baby to Appreciate.” – KJM
· “Inside My Fat Rolls.” – Mike
· “Inside the Cover Of the Howard the Duck Collectors Edition DVD.” – KJM
· “That Gerbil Is the Most Talented Tattoo Artist I Know” – Treize

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Like It Could Be Argued That Your Shirt Doesn't Make You Look Like a Douche

Student: When installing software there are always these terms and conditions that you have to agree with, right? But nobody knows what they mean and nobody reads them. Could it be argued that that is a type of contract that cannot be enforced?
Contracts professor: Yes, definitely. (pause) Now, before you get too happy about that: you asked whether it could be argued.

–Columbia Law School

They Didn't Appreciate the Blackface, Though

White guy: Where do you live?
White girl: The Upper East Side. Where do you live?
White guy: I just moved to the city, I live in Harlem.
White girl: Oh, that must be scary.
White guy: Nah, it's not scary. I'm from Northwestern Florida so I mean I'm used to black people…plus, I play basketball.
White girl (nods in complete agreement): Oh, you're fine then.

–Bowery Bar