I Stayed Home to Blog and Eat Pudding

Hipster cashier: Yeah I live in Brooklyn… Bushwick. It was a crazy weekend for Brooklyn!
Girl: Oh, okay… why?
Hipster cashier: Yeah, there were 43 shootings last weekend.
Girl: What! Why?
Hipster cashier: I dunno… Some West Indians had too much jerk chicken and went crazy on Labor Day or whatever.

–Whole Foods, Bowery

And It Was Originally Giving the Finger

Black guy #1: You know that statue, right? You know, the British… The British gaved the Statue of Liberty to New York. The British gaved the statue to America. To commemorate the Civil War. But they don’t tell you that. They don’t talk about that.
Black guy #2: Yep.
Black guy #1: And you know it was black, when the statue got here. It was black. And it had chains ’round it.
Black guy #2: Yep.

–F train, York St