Wasn't That You?

Student #1: Christian Bale lost like 60 lbs, for The Machinist, then he he gained it back again for Batman. Now he lost it all again for The Fighter. I'm actually legitimately afraid of him; He's crazy.
Student #2: Remember when he got in trouble for that alleged domestic dispute against his mother?
Student #1: Remember when he flipped out on that DP on the Terminator set?
Student #2: Remember when he almost fed that kitten into an ATM?

–Columbia University

Quite the Fucking Contrary

Angsty chick: I’m so tired of fucking… chicken broccoli bake.
Chill gal pal: Fucking? Sex on the mind?
Angsty chick: I’m not going to change my vocabulary just because I had an experience!

–6 train

Overheard by: i hope you read this

To the Smartphone, Batman!

Preppy kid to fellow preppy kids: "oh, man, I didn't realize jet li was still alive!"
Preppy friend: "who?"
Preppy kid: "you know, jet li. That asian… Karate… Guy."
Preppy friend: "you mean bruce lee?"
Preppy kid: "… No…"

–Queens-bound R Train

Overheard by: Kate