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Thank Goodness We Don't Actually Have to Know Anything About Their Bodies

Yuppie guy: God, I can't even finish this. I feel completely bloated, like some chick. Disgusting.
Hipster guy: You feel like a chick?
Yuppie guy: Yeah…you know, like all girls get once a month: Bitchy, bloated, and popping those pills.
Hipster guy: You mean, like, the abortion pill?

–Pizza Shop, E 34th & 1st St

Mohs Scale Reaches Frat House Heights

Frat boy #1: I was so trashed last night.
Frat boy #2: Have you always used the phrase “soft 3, hard 8″?
Frat boy #1: Nah, I kinda made that up last night.
Frat boy #2: You're not embarrassed?
Frat boy #1: Nah, hard 8.

–Penn Station

Overheard by: Steve

Headline by: katcob

· “Drunk or Sober, You Can’t Fool Me About Pencil Lead” – Bill A
· “I Am Willing to Let the World Know How I Like My Eggs” – JohnnyB
· “It’s a Grower!” – Cass
· “Just Remember to Call “No Homo” Next Time, Okay?” – version
· “Really? Only 8 and You’re Not Embarrassed?” – Keith
· “What’s *Your* Sleep-It-Off Number?” – Coyoty

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