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Your Editors Are Shocked

Woman #1 in line to man with Tim McGraw's “Skydiving” as ringtone: I thought I was the only person in the Bronx who listened to country music!
Man, laughing: Well, there's me, too.
Woman #2, further up the line: Me, too! –Post Office, 187th St & Belmont Ave Overheard by: eternal student

Death Comes As a Relief to New Yorkers

Suit #1, looking at his BlackBerry: I have a 10:00 and a board meeting at 1. How about 10:30?
Suit #2, looking at his BlackBerry: Conference call at 10:30. 11?
Suit #1: I'm expecting a call then. 11:45?
Suit #2: Appointment downtown at 12:30, need travel time. 11:30?
Suit #1: I can't commit to 11:30. How about 9:30?
Suit #2: 9:30's now. –E Train Overheard by: Chuckell