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If Fox News Writers Scripted a Teen Drama

15-year-old girl #1: Are you talking politics over there? Just shut up!
15-year-old girl #2: Yeah we are–it's all about Obama.
15-year-old girl #1: What is Obama doing for me?
15-year-old girl #2: What is Obama doing for you?! I'll tell you. He's out there, trying to fight for health care to cover all of us. That abortion you need–you shouldn't have to pay for it. That shit should be covered. None of this abstinence shit.

–A Train

Overheard by: Elana

If Only There Were a Way to Get Sober Enough to Figure It Out

Sleep-deprived art student #1: Sorry, I'm just…you know.
Sleep-deprived art student #2: Yeah, I know, me too. Do you ever just like wake up confused?
Sleep-deprived art student #1: Yeah!
Sleep-deprived art student #2: Just about like, what time even means?
Sleep-deprived art student #1: Yeah! I'm always like that.
Sleep-deprived art student #2: Me too…

–Pratt Institute

You Can Always Tell Which Conductors Have Children

Conductor #1 on loudspeaker: Hey, Rich, can you bring my stuff into the train station once we get into Grand Central? I would, but some guy in car two won't move his big stupid dog and I can't get it past.
Conductor #2: Clifford? The big red stupid dog in your way? Alright, I got it.

–Grand Central Train

Overheard by: mq

Yet When We Insinuate That, We Get Angry Emails.

College girl: Yeah, it's “Soho,” south of Houston, and “Noho,” North of Houston. Though I guess that's kinda just the village.
College guy: That's what it means? Wow, I didn't know that! Wait, where does the other “o” come from?
College girl: Um…south, and Houston.
College guy: Oh, right. Well, I am from Jersey anyway. I don't even know nothing.

–1 Train

Overheard by: Nathan