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Um, Wasn't She 92?

High school girl #1: Yeah, she really needs to take better care of herself!
High school girl #2: Well, not anymore. She's dead.
High school girl #1: Well, she should have.

–Downtown 1 Train

Overheard by: Christiana Little


Young woman #1: And I hate him for it! I was always the needy one! So now he's doing what I taught him. Now he's the needy one. That used to be me! And he's using the tricks I taught him to manipulate me! I hate him so much!
Young woman #2: So when's the wedding?

–Central Park Reservoir

Overheard by: The Grozz

You've Been Waiting for an Excuse to Use That One, Haven't You?

NYU girl: I'm not surprised that she has mono. I mean, she's been a slut for a while now. It was bound to catch up with her.
Friend: Yeah, she's a reverse jukebox.
NYU girl: A what?
Friend: You know how you put money into a jukebox and it makes noise? Guys put their dicks in her to make her shut the fuck up.

–NYU Silver Center