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A Man Made That Decision– a Bad Man

Girl #1 staring at Vagisil cream in a security lock box in CVS: Oh my god, that's messed up! Come see this!
Girl #2: What's that just mean?
Girl #1, in funny voice: Ummmm… excuse me, I need my vaginal cream, please I have an itch!
Girl #2, in funny voice: Ummmm… is it a just an itchy sensation or a burning itchy sensation?
Girl #1, in funny voice: Yes, yes, please… I need my cream.
Girl #2, in funny voice: Well, that's just swell! Let me unlock that for you, then.

–Madison Ave

I Guess We Travel in Different Circles

Aged cokehead #1: I know that face from somewhere, you look really familiar…
Aged cokehead #2: Yeah, I think I've seen your face somewhere.
Aged cokehead #1: Maybe from the same circle-jerk?
Aged cokehead #2: No, I don't think I've ever done that before. Here's $20 for the wine.

–Lexington & 28th St

Overheard by: The Wine Girls