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A Vegan Camp Ghost Story

Girl #1: And there was a live poultry-slaughtering place across the street.
Girl #2: No way!

–Park Slope, Brooklyn

Headline by: Matthew

· “Boneless-Skinless Breasts Don’t Just Grow That Way?” – EddieA
· “Coin Operated, Which Made It Kind Of Cruel” – Nick Pollotta
· “I Think It’s Called a Strip Bar” – Sandy Paws
· “I’m Telling You, It Was the Best Club I’ve Ever Been to” – PeterG
· “It Was Called Panda Express” – Chuck G
· “It’s the New Starbucks – Soon There’ll Be One on Every Corner” – Brent
· “Rachel’s Stories About the World Outside NYC Always Gave Becky Nightmares” – Siobhan
· “That’s Why the Wedding Was So Cheap” – treibs
· “They Also Perform Circumcisions” – mark

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Wednesdays Could Use Their One-Liners As Walking Sticks

Man on cell: Well, at least my dick will finally seem bigger!

–Prince St. & W Broadway

Overheard by: Johnny

Puerto Rican lady on phone to pal: Yo, his dick was mad little, yo! My son's dick is bigger than that!

–Broadway & Havemeyer, Brooklyn

Teen on cell: And you have a small penis. And you're gay.


Overheard by: And I Thought My Day Wasn't Going Well

Black gay guy on cell: I feel so sorry for guys with small penises. Here I am, with a 12 inch dick and I don't even use it.

–Penn Station

Man on cell: You're dumping me because my dick is 11 inches and it's too big? That doesn't make any sense!

–Lorimer & Maujer

Overheard by: was this a lame attempt to hit on me?

Petite yuppie on phone: Oh my god! It was so small I tried so hard not to laugh! But then I decided to boost his spirit and I said to him, "is it because it's cold in here?" (pause) Yeah, you're right, that couldn't have possibly boosted anything at all. Dinner was good, though.

–N Train

Overheard by: Mefisto

Wednesday See, One-Liner Do

Tourist teen: Scientology? Is that like that crazy Darwinism stuff where they think people are monkeys?


Guy: Well, 20 million years ago you were a monkey too!

–NYC Lab School

Overheard by: T

Teen to friend: So once the car is full of monkey poop, then you trade it in for another one.


Hobo sitting in subway station: Woman ain't want no man in her bed…she want a monkey in her bed…ooohh ooh oh ahh ahhh ahhh. (makes monkey noises)

–E Train

Overheard by: Ja9

Comedy show hawker: You will all have autism when you're done with this show. And you'll be having sex like monkeys and bunnies.

–Times Square

Overheard by: fluffyautist

Little boy watching monkey, to father: I bet he wouldn't leave his kid at a Wal-Mart.

–Bronx Zoo