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Overheard in Wednesday One-Liner

20-something dude to another: It's so hard to get laid in this city before 11 pm! –M-15 Bus Hottie: I am in New York City. You need to make $250,000 to live like a white person. –28th & 29th Overheard by: A black person from Chicago 20-something male to female: So you'd better be prepared. It's like the Times Square of New York. –16th St & Union Square Overheard by: Annie B Middle-aged Hispanic dude to Indian salesperson: This is New York City. Nobody's gonna kill you, okay? –Rite-Aid Young gay man: That's what I hate about New York City. It's such a fucking small town. –14th St & 2nd Ave Overheard by: molls

Maybe He Doesn't Eat Carbs?

Old black hobo: Folks… Look inside your heart. I am hungry and I am homeless. Please help me with some food or something. Look inside your heart.
(young black teenager keeps waving a subway sandwich in his face while hobo continues to rant)
Old black hobo: Look inside your heart. I am so hungry. Just look inside your heart!
Young black teenager, real pissed off: Sucka, look inside this bag! There's a sandwich in here! –1 Train