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Wednesday One-Liners Say a Mouthful

Loud woman on cell: I suck your dick and we can't be Facebook friends? –20th St & 6th Ave Guy to buddies in the passing Skyfari car: Yo, that building over there… That's the building where I got that $5 blowjob. –Skyfari, Bronx Zoo Overheard by: Stefan Yonker Young man, dismissively: I could fucking suck cocks for a living, it doesn't matter! –St. Mark's Place & 2nd Ave Middle schooler, wrestling in Aids memorial: Ooops, I sucked your dick! –Hudson River Park Overheard by: Nina & Phil Middle-school girl to mother: My e-mail password is "blowjob". –L Train

Wednesday One-Diners

Fashionista: Y'know, it was just one of those restaurants that served bone marrow, because, like, they should be serving bone marrow. –Allen & Delancy Overheard by: wba2101 Jersey mom in purple jumpsuit: Ah, I love this part of New York. In one block you have an Olive Garden and a TGI Friday's. –Times Square Girl: Johnny Rockets my ass! If I wanted to go to the 1960s I'd use a fucking time machine! –8th St & Greene Drunk guy, wisely: No, people who eat on trains can't afford Chipotle! –Uptown A Train 20-something guy to sobbing 20-something girl: It's okay, there's a Burger King right around here. –4th St & Ave B

Wednesday One-Liners Mostly Just Stand Around

Security guard: Oh, man, thank god for anti-depressants and alcohol! Nothing like Jack Daniels to get you through the day. –The Met Building security guard to mailman: Don't you think tv saved the world? Say you've got 10, 12, 14, 16 kids . . . –William & Beekman NYU security guard to long line of kids: A'ight kids, e-z passes out. Put your IDs in the air and wave them like you just don't care! –College of Arts and Science, Washington Square Park Security man: No photos in Tim Burton! No pictures, no photos! Tell a friend, tell a neighbor, tell someone you don't like! –Tim Burton Exhibit, MoMA Security guard: Have a nice day… Now get the hell out of here. –JFK Airport