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Wednesday One-Liners Find Nemo

Woman on cell: Number one: I'll tell you what you can do with that fish. You can shove it right up your ass! (pause) Number two: You know what you can do with that fish? You can shove it right up your ass! –Steps, The Met Overheard by: gossipgirlish Boy to mother: Mama, can we surprise grandpa with a catfish? –Central Park East Overheard by: walter Woman reading map: No dead fish in Nebraska. –D Train Overheard by: Sunny Girl to guy friend at hip hop show: That chick just sprayed her coochie with perfume. Now it smells like a fish died and the other fish sent flowers. –Voodoo Lounge, 1st Ave

Sugar N' Spice and Everything Wednesday One-Liner

Fat girl to herself: Walk by the cakes, walk by the cakes. –Grand Central Sales guy: We've got your whale, now you want to get a cupcake? –FAO Schwartz College girl to friend: Yay! Someone is guarding the queer cupcakes! –Lerner Hall, Columbia University Little girl: I want ice cream! (mother keeps walking) You're fired! –125th St & Broadway Overheard by: Rose Fox