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Tonight's Movie: Lean Girls

Teenage girl #1: Who is Jacqueline?
Teenage girl #2: She's my fat friend.
Teenage girl #1: I had one of those. Got rid of her like two months ago. I got sick of the whole “I'm hungry, let's go eat” thing.
Teenage girl #2: Yeah, I'm thinking of getting rid of her too. I mean, she was cool for a while, but…
Teenage girl #1, interrupting: No! Fat has never been cool!

–6 Train

Overheard by: Have 2 of those

…Now Correct Your Posture or I'll Burn You.

Harridan: Put out that cigarette! Put it out! You can't smoke on the subway! Put it out!
Hobo: (puffs)
Bro: Sir, would you please put out the cigarette?
Hobo: Sure.
Bro: Thank you.
Harridan: You wouldn't put it out for me! Why did you put it out for him? Do you hate women? Was it your mother?
Hobo: He said “please” and “thank you.”

–2 Train

I Love the Movies

Woman #1, singing: Follow the road, follow the road…
Woman #2: (is silent)
Woman #1, singing: Wiki, wiki, wiki, whoo, whoo! (does excited thumb dance)
Woman #2, joining in: Wiki, wiki, wiki, whoo, whoo! (thumbs dance)
Woman #1 and #2: (laugh together)

–Movie Theater, 66th St

Overheard by: April