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I Hear He Does Quartets All the Time

14-year-old boy #1: You ever play any Chopin?
14-year-old boy #2: Yeah, I played one of his last year.
14-year-old boy #1: Can you play Fantasie-Impromptu? That one's mad hard.
14-year-old boy #2: No, I did an Etude. That's where you play scales and shit.
14-year-old boy #1: I read that he, like, bridged the gap between the classical and romantic eras.
14-year-old boy #2: No way, dude. You ever hear his Nocturnes? That shit is mad romantic. You're thinking of Beethoven.
14-year-old boy #1: Oh, right. Beethoven. He was a pimp.

–2 Train

Overheard by: Blerg

And I Hate When She Questions My Hoplology

Greek male #1: Your mother is upset! She is very mad about this!
Greek male #2: She is mad at me?
Greek male #1: Yes! Because you did not take care of the job.
Greek male #2: I did! I used the black knife with the big blade. The good one.
Greek male #1: Oh, very good.
Greek male #2: You are upset. I can see it in your eyes.
Greek male #1: No, I just had a couple of beers.

–Crescent & Ditmars, Astoria

Overheard by: Natalie