It’s Official: Dark Sarcasm is Over

Industrial guy: Do you guys like noise?
Hipster guy #1: Um…no, I’m really into organized sound.
Hipster guy #2: Yeah, I’m really getting into silence…like that. –Astoria Overheard by: Jeremy Valeda Hipster guy #1: I’m trying to get a caffeine buzz going.
Hipster guy #2: Why don’t you just think about the impending blackness that will eventually envelope us all…That should keep you awake. –Knitting Factory, Leonard Street

Isn't That a Cranium Category?

Guy #1: I mean, not all cats are creative. They can't be. Who do you know who has a creative cat?
Guy #2: Shauna, what about you? Is your cat creative?
Girl #1 (annoyed): I don't even own an animal.
Girl #2 (after a pause, excited): I had a creative cat once! (pause) I did!

–Duane Reade

Overheard by: are they really talking about cats?

Is This a Great Town, or What?

Young boy: I don’t care what anyone says, I am wearing a red dress on Monday.
Mom: Oh? Well, how are you going to get it?
Young boy: I don’t know, but that’s where you come in.
Mom: I don’t have a red dress.
Young boy: Oh, I thought you did.
Mom: I have a t-shirt with a belt around it. You can wear that.

–Near Columbia University

Overheard by: sam

That’s the Problem With Cuss-Inflation

Girl #1: She is such a motherfucker. No -that’s not strong enough. She’s a -there aren’t words to describe her.
Girl #2: How about motherfucking motherfucker?
Girl #1: Not strong enough!
Girl #2: How about…
(girl #1 drops her bag, and stuff spills out)
Girl #1
: Motherfucker!

Girl #1
: See, she can’t be a motherfucker, because that was a motherfucker!

–110th & Columbus