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We Love the Things We Wednesday for What They One-Liner

Meathead to another: I fuckin love cupcakes!

–4th St & st Ave

Guy to another, outside Irish bar: I love tools!

–20th St & 5th Ave

Overheard by: Andrew

Bag lady on cell: Hey baby, how ya doin? (pause) I love you baby, I love you so much I think about you always, I'm the only one for you, baby. (pause) When you get out of prison you come straight to me, I love you so much. (pause) What? Listen, motherfucker, if you go to that bitch instead of me, I'll cut off your fuckin head and shit down your neck, you fuckin asshole! If you even go near her I'll cut your fuckin brain out!

–107th St

Voluptuous black woman: I love you guys, but I'm done with this fucking field trip.


Guy to two friends who are not convinced: That's why I love that place! It was awesome! And it would have been better if they would have let us in!

–Centre & Broome

Wednesday One-Liners Don't Even Want to Be “Normal”

3rd grader to another: Smoking is weird, but holding hands is fucking disturbing.

–Courtyard, New School

Hipster on cell: Whenever I play the piano I get this overwhelming feeling to go to sleep. It's weird. Happens most when I play Bach.

–Union Square

Girl to group of friends: Is it weird that I've had so many threesomes that it's normal to me now?

–2nd Ave & 4th St

Gay guy to group of friends at bar: It wasn't the peeing in his mouth, it was only the fact that I had to continue drinking water, and then it felt weird.


Long Island bro to others: Would you rather be raped by Count Chocula or the Lucky Charms guy, the leprechaun… I know that's a weird question. (awkward pause). Have you ever been tased?


You're Every Bit As Pretty As Jim Carrey, Sweetie

Girl to friend: God, look at the moon tonight. It's so bright, like even too bright.
Friend: Yeah, it really is.
Girl: I feel like I'm in The Truman Show. Am I Truman? You would tell, me wouldn't you?


Overheard by: Lisa

…I Fucking Swallowed

20-something girl beaming about a gift: He went to Jared.
20-something friend: He got you a sandwich?
20-something girl, frowning: Girl, why you so damn stupid?

–Downtown C Train

Some People Get Way Too Into The Sims.

Woman #1, sobbing uncontrollably against wall: I swear if the shoe was on the other foot, I would be there for you.
Woman #2, very angry: Yeah, well, he was just my husband until a month ago!

–Jackson Heights

Overheard by: Clarence Eckerson Jr.

We Won't Always Be the Latest Ones on the Scene

Girl, walking past old-time dance: Look at those people in there. Do you think when we're those people's age we will do that?
Guy: Yeah probably, I wonder if it will be the same music that they dance to now?
Girl: Nah it'll probably be like … Jay-Z. (laughs)
Guy: (laughs)
Girl: And we'll have another couple there who are our archenemies that we compete with every week.
Guy: Yes! We have to have that life!

–E 17th St

Overheard by: Lisa