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Tomorrow's Lesson: IHOP

Guy pointing at the new Yankee stadium: There it is, the house that Jeter built!
Stupid girlfriend: That's a house!?

–Yankee Stadium

Overheard by: JoZac21

Next: “What's Your Cup Size?”

60-something woman #1, to friend, after ordering coffee: Would you like a coffee?
60-something woman #2: No, I have three cups of tea every morning. With milk.
60-something woman #1: Are you a tea drinker?
60-something woman #2: No.

–84th St & Madison Ave

…According to the Latest Polling Results on My Webpage.

Woman: Bitch, why you up on my bag?
Girl: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to step there.
Guy #1: It was an accident! Leave her alone!
Woman: Motherfucker! This ain't none of your damn business.
Guy #2: Maybe if your big black ass wasn't in the way…
Woman: Fuck all three of you! And yes, my black ass is big, and it's beautiful.

–1 Train

Overheard by: Asizzzle

It's Just As Boring, but Has No Singing

Junior #1: Are you gonna audition for Guys and Dolls?
Junior #2: Meh, that musical's not for me, I'm really not into the whole “Cuba” thing.
Junior #3: But, it's not all in Cuba…
Junior #2: It's also cause I have a really hard time throwing dice well, and I heard that's a big part of it.
Junior #1: That's why I always win at Monopoly.
Junior #3: What where we talking about?
Junior #2: Monopoly.

–LaGuardia High School

Overheard by: Taylor

Weird– Who Wears Jean Shorts?

Gay undergrad #1: So, they were having loud sex, and I was making a pair of jean shorts out of jeans in the kitchen, in my underwear, rocking out to Michael Jackson.
Gay undergrad #2: You know, to cover the noise.

–7th Ave & Greenwich St.

Overheard by: Honey Badger MA, MPhil, Phd

That's Fucked Up– Who Still Does the Running Man?

Skinny man: Hmph. That dog isn't there right now. They must have let him in for once.
Big-boned woman: You better behave yourself and leave that dog alone.
Skinny man: Heh. I'll do Running Man in front of the gate for an hour until this fool comes out!

–Springfield Gardens, Queens

Next: Golf-Ball-Sized Clots

Woman at sink #1, smiling brightly: You don't do spinning? Oh, you should try it!
Woman at sink #2: I can't. I have a floppy bowel.
Woman at sink #1, still smiling brightly: Oh. (pause) Okay!

–Women's locker room, Equinox gym, Brooklyn Heights

Overheard by: Ladle