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Hey, That's “Lady Boy” to You!

Male clerk to short-haired female customer: Five dollars, sir.
Female customer, cheerfully: Thank you, madam!

–Grand Central Station

Overheard by: Sunissa

It Was Band Jacket Day in Manhattan

Teenage tourist girl in school band jacket: I love New York!
Teenage tourist boy in school band jacket: And the best part is we don't even look like tourists!
Teenage tourist girl in school band jacket: I know, right? Where's the subway?
Teenage tourist boy in school band jacket, glancing around: That way. (points toward 7th Ave)

–35th St & Broadway

Overheard by: Katarina

…Just Like It Says in the New New Testament.

Crazy preacher: And so, you should praise the name of Jesus!
Young African American girl: Amen!
Crazy preacher: You should say blessings and not curses!
Young African American girl: I said 'amen,' you fucker!

–Port Authority

Overheard by: Uri Fintzy

Their Brains Have Been Closed for Years.

Dumb girl #1: What does “ajar” mean? Is it like “open” or “close”? I think it means like “open.”
Dumb girl #2: A jar could be closed. Oh, wait, you mean like a door.
Dumb girl #1: I'm looking it up. Yep, it means open.

–Hayden Hall, W 4th St

…But 5'13″ at the Most.

Guy #1: Yo, how tall am I?
Guy #2: Um, maybe 6'1″ or 6'2″
Guy #1: Awesome.
Guy #2: Yeah, maybe your hair adds some, you're probably 6' or 5'12″

–G Train

Eh, Mickey's Pretty White-Bread

Middle-aged Italian man #1: They got ketchup on wundabread in dea.
Middle-aged Italian man#2: Dat's a pizza even the mice wud send back!

–Lexington & 45th

Overheard by: Marianne Maguire

Nobody Even Tries to Talk on IPhones Anymore

Ghetto fab black girl: Hey, can we see that pic you just took?
Ghetto fab Latina, sitting across: No, bitch.
Ghetto fab black girl: How about you come over to our side? Sit over here!
Ghetto fab Latina, getting up and walking away: How 'bout you eat my butt?

–4 Train

Overheard by: CMK