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Tonight's Movie: No Country for Old Manganese

Student: Professor, is manganese good for you?
Elderly chemistry professor: It's allegedly related to that… What's that old age thing?
Student: Alzheimer's?
Elderly chemistry professor: Right. That.

–Cooper Union

Overheard by: Denali

You Have a Face?

Older man: Excuse me, but you are just beautiful.
Beautiful, big-buxomed woman: How would you know? You haven't seen my face yet.

–Mulberry b/w Spring & Prince

Another Reason to Love New York, Dear Reader

Loud New Jersey tourist to group of loud New Jersey friends: Look, (points) it's the Cooper Union!
Loud New Jersey friends: What's that?
Loud New Jersey tourist: I dunno, but that's what it says on the door.

–Cooper Union

Embrace Your Mediocrity

Girl: Why do my friends say I'm a hipster? I am not a hipster!!
Guy: No, you're not a hipster at all. You shower every day.
Girl: Exactly! So what am I?
Guy: You're just a semi-productive person.

–1st Ave & 10th St

And It Goes With My Top

Man to friend: What's with the man bag?
Friend: It's not a man purse, it's a satchel!

–NYU Medical Center

Overheard by: Anthony

…for Dinner.

Teenage girl #1: It's not like I'm a cougar!
Teenage girl #2: You're only fifteen–how could you be a cougar?
Teenage girl #1: I mean, I like older men.

–NJ Transit

Overheard by: Graceful Space