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Boys Are Just Accessories to Her.

Girl: Oh, I like your Irish necklace!
Guy: Here, you can have it.
Girl: Oh, wow, thanks! Now ill never forget you, Kevin!
Guy: It's Evan.

–Outside of Bodega, Astoria

A Studio Apartment Is Not a Dance Studio Apartment

Seven-year-old boy #1: When I grow up I want a three-bedroom apartment.
Seven-year-old boy #2: Yeah, I'm gonna have a whole room just for food.
Seven-year-old boy #3: I'm gonna have a room just for dancing.
Seven-year-old boy #1: But you don't dance now. You hate dancing.
Seven-year-old boy #3: If I had a room to do it in, I'd dance.

–111th & Broadway

Overheard by: Meredith K.

…And It's Not Like Diseases Ever Have a Cure.

Student #1: I can't go to your party. We're going to an anti-war rally
Student #2: I have a question. What does it mean to be anti-war?
Student #1: It means you're anti-war.
Student #2: I know, but… What does it do? I could be anti-cancer, but shit's still gonna happen.

–Hunter College

Overheard by: Andrea

Stupid Planet

Boy: Look, it's the ground! (starts hitting sidewalk with small baseball bat)
Girl: Look, it's raining! Kill the sky!

–81st & Columbus

I Would Be If He'd Stop Calling Me

Suit #1: So he didn't take anything else?
Suit #2: No, he just smashed in the window and stole his iPhone.
Suit #1: Did he shit in the glove box?
Suit #2: No.
Suit #1: Then you should be thankful.

–Shake Shack

It Wasn't All That Great, Dear Reader

Hippie dude #1: Did you hear? This is the summer of sex!
Hippie dude #2: Says who?
Hippie dude #1: Says The Village Voice!
Hippie dude #2: What's The Village Voice?
Hippie dude #1: It's a newspaper.
Hippie dude #2: Oh, that's so great!

–68th & Lexington