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Dude, Just Roll With It

Drunk girl trying to flirt with a stranger: Oh my god! No way I have actually met people, that's so funny!
Stranger: Wait… What? –L Train

Nicole Richie? Really?

BMCC student #1: I can't believe she played that card, what a self-hating Puerto Rican.
BMCC student #2: Sounds like it! –Chambers St & Greenwich St Overheard by: A.J.

Maybe They Want to Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is?

Mixed race girl: I just love 50 cent, I mean, check out that body. He is so hot!
Caucasian girl: His body is nice, but I can't stand those grillz. Why do those people wear grillz anyways?
(mixed race girl raises an eyebrow at Caucasian girl)
Caucasian girl: I meant rappers! I'm not racist! –40th & 8th Overheard by: Let me see your grillz

It's a Good Place to Be High

Guy walking on the high line: It's like… organized messiness…
Woman: Yes. That's why I like it. –The High Line

“They” Must Be the Ministry Of Truth

Kid #1, about Oregon Trail game: Do you believe in dysentery?
Kid #2: Naw, I bet they made it up for the game, just like the wagons! –Smith & Wyckoff, Brooklyn

I Would've Said Douchebaggy, but Whatever

Women #1: You know, they like (pause) ride their bikes on the sidewalk, and stuff like that.
Women #2: Oh! So you mean “free spirited.” –W 26th St Overheard by: Jirobot