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Sean Develops Eyeabetes

Student #1: Dude, she's so friggin hot.
Student #2: Aren't you married?
Student #1: Yeah, but it doesn't hurt to look. Eye candy. Yum yum yum!

–New York Law School

Overheard by: shaking my head at NYLS

Donald in Mathmagic Land Is Still Controversial

Dude #1: Two plus one equals three!
Dude #2: Well, two plus three equals you're an asshole!

–E 84th & 1st

That's One Of Our Songs!

Hobo, approaching musicians: Hey, guys, what are you up to tonight?
Band member: We just played a show here.
Hobo, walking away mumbling: I ain't gonna get no pay from damn musicians…

–Outside Cakeshop, Ludlow

Overheard by: THA

So Old, It Says “Made in USA”

Woman #1: Well, when we were at that thrift store…
Woman #2: Not thrift! Vintage! It used to be thrift; now it's vintage! But it's still old, bitch! It's old!


Overheard by: Brian L.

They're Well Known for Their Black Comedies.

Audience member, at Tracy Letts' play Superior Donuts: This play came from that place in Chicago.
Audience member's wife: Chicago?
Audience member: Yes, the uh, the Stepinfetchit Theatre Company.

–Music Box Theater

Overheard by: Tom

Why I Don't Make Small Talk with Customers: A Parable.

Counter girl: What's that, a tennis shirt? Do you play tennis?
Dude: No.
Counter girl: Poser!
Dude: Well, actually–this will sound a little pretentious, but this shirt is from the tennis academy in the book “Infinite Jest.”

–Bond & Pacific, Boerum Hill

Overheard by: Rich Mintz