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Stuff It in Your Chalupa, Sir

Restaurant patron, on Cinco de Mayo: Can I hit the piñata?
Waiter: Sir, their is nothing inside the piñata.
Restaurant patron: Yes, but there's rage inside me! –Fonda Mexicana Overheard by: A – This Girl Knows What I'm Talkin' About

“Pretty Wednesday One-Liner, Walkin' Down the Street…”

Girl screaming into cell: Listen, I don't care if he broke your heart, ate half of it, and then burned the other half as you lay there dying! He's beautiful and I'm going to sleep with him! –Park Slope Guy: I find Eileen so much more attractive when she sits down. –Central Park Man, shouting at passing woman: You are as beautiful as the weather, you … Princess … Queen … Lord of lords. –1st Ave & 2nd St Little girl, watching strip club ad on taxi: Mommy, that lady is really pretty! –86th St

…Hence My High Heels and No Pants

Black guy #1: I ate two of them weed brownies and I was all normal except for seein' all of them cartoon hallucinations. Donald duck, mickey mouse–they was all there in front of me!
Black guy #2: Man, I'm gonna stay away from that shit. I'm paranoid enough already. –L Train Overheard by: Not a cartoon

It's a Good Life

Toddler in stroller to obviously frustrated nanny: You're not being nice to me… You're not being nice to me! –24th St & 6th Ave Overheard by: Anderson

Your Editors Would Totally Look

Black man sitting on park bench: Yo, she's so ticklish you touch her and she jumps!
Black woman: Yeah, you just look at ma feet and I crack da fuck up. –Brooklyn Promenade Overheard by: Andrew Giambrone