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Wednesday One-Liners Will Cut a Bitch.

Middle schooler on field trip: Oh my god, we're gonna get knifed. –Times Square Woman on cell: Do you have any chainsaws I can borrow? –38th & 2nd Harley Davidson dude to another: So I stabbed that guy, and that guy, and then that guy. –7th St & Bedford Ave Overheard by: NYCQ Woman on cell: Today is not the day. I can't come to 14th Street or I'll stab you. –42nd St & Ave of the Americas Overheard by: Matthew

The Child Is the Father Of the Wednesday One-Liner

Flamboyant hipster Latino to straight-looking Latino boyfriend: Someday he'll call you daddy, and then all hell is gonna break loose. –Ave C & 16th St Lady to nine-year-old boy: I hate to tell you, but your dad is in jail. He owes me a lot of money! –R Train Guy on cell: Yeah, look, I told you. Your bail was set at $18,000. The bail bondsman wants 10%. Where the fuck am I supposed to get $1,800 to bail your sorry ass out of jail? (pause) Yeah, I love you too, dad. –33rd St b/w 7th & 8th Ave Overheard by: Jason FedEx delivery guy on cell: How the hell did Halle Berry get pregnant without me being the father? –Spruce St Overheard by: janine