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…We're Talking About Menudo, Right?

Suit on phone: And that party last night… I thought I was eating soup, but I guess I wasn't…
Random woman walking by: Oh, hun… I'm sure it was much better than soup…

–Herald Square

Overheard by: Aly

…Didn't You Get the Flowchart I Emailed You?

Teenage girl #1: I'm not emo, I'm scene. There is a difference.
Teenage girl #2: What's the difference?
Teenage girl #1: Scene is not the same as emo. Scene is basically emo, but you don't cut yourself. I'm scene.

–D Train

Don't Drop the NAMBL-A-Bomb on Me, Missy!

Fabulous guy: Oh please, you don't know shit about World War II.
Fat girl: Hey, my grandpa served in World War II!
Fabulous guy: What was he? The fat man?
Fat girl: If you had your way, he'd be the little boy.

–Times Square