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“Dear Diary– I Talked to a Girl Today!”

Girl, coughing with hand on mouth: Cough, cough, cough.
Crazy Downtown Alliance worker, coughing on her and screaming: This ain't no posh street, I get people coughing on me all day long! Shit, I don't need this. I'm going to sweep this street and then I'm going to cough on all y'all.

–Broadway & Maiden Lane

That's Music to My Ears!

Girl sitting with trombone case: Do you think 1 pm is too early to start drinking?
Girl sitting with bassoon case: Well, it's technically afternoon, which is pretty much evening…
Trombone girl: Which is exactly like nighttime. So really, I should have started drinking earlier!
Bassoon girl: That's the conclusion logic should lead you to.

–Riverside Park

Overheard by: Already Trashed

…In What City?

Man: What is the real, actual name for the 52nd Street bridge?
Woman: There is no 52nd Street bridge.
Man: Yes, there is! But, it has a real name as well.
Woman: Where the hell is this bridge?
Man: 52nd Street!
Woman: Oh.

–Spring Street

Laugh While You Can.

Black woman, pointing at Asian girl: Oh my god! Look, this bitch be Korean! How you doing? Ni hao ma?
Girl, in Korean: Dumb Americans.

–Korea Town

If You Think It's a Tamagotchi, You Don't Know Dick.

Laughing 9th grader #1, looking at sketch drawn on iPhone: I'm guessing it's a penis.
Laughing 9th grader #2: No, it's much more creative than a penis. Oh my god, I can never look a a Tamagotchi the same again.

–Hunter College High School