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Wednesdays Find One-Liners on Craigslist

Woman with backpack on cell: Don't ask me why I fell in love with a heroin addict who fucks prostitutes on the side!

–42nd St & 8th Ave

Overheard by: Alpha

Man waiting for prescription in pharmacy, answering cell: Mike's house of sin. No, sorry she isn't available tonight. I can get you another girl, but it will cost you more.

–Forest Hills, New York

Gay man on cell: I'm sweating like a Vietnamese prostitute with a meth addiction!

–West Village, Gay Pride Parade

Overheard by: Pretty hot and sweaty too.

Guy on phone: But if you think about it, all women are prostitutes in a way. I mean, if I'm paying for the red lobster, I should at least get a blowjob at the end of the date.

–Union Square

Overheard by: Taylan

Rocker girl: He went from herpes to a hooker, which is better, but still not good. Tard.


Overheard by: I suppose so

Does Everybody in New York See a Wednesday One-Liner?

Young boy, angrily to father: He's my therapist, not my dad!

–Upper West Side

Patron to friend: She needs Jesus and a therapist.


Overheard by: KP Whitey

Bubble salesman: Cheaper than Prozac, it's bubble therapy!

–48th St & 7th

Guido chick to laughing friends: I was diagnosed as bipolar. Don't fuck with me, I have ADHD!

–PATH Train

Young woman on cell: Even my therapist is working against me!

–43rd & Lexington

Wednesday One-Liners Are Going through a Blue Period.

30-something woman painting by the lake: Dudes, you're crowding my painting! (they don't move) Fuck this shit! Stop looking at my art!

–Prospect Park

Overheard by: taylor

Girl, about art piece: Guess what that one's called! "Untitled"!

–Arario Gallery

Artist's muse: I've left New York before. There's nothing out there. It's a goddamn wasteland. I mean, I went to a waffle house; it was fucking absurdist. I mean, some of the most creative people have come from nowhere. Like, Andy Warhol. Yeah, he was famous, but he came from Buttfuck, Pennsylvania. I've never really cared for Warhol. I mean, I like his style and all, but I wouldn't make him my Facebook friend.

–Spice Cove, E 6th St

Overheard by: Chris F.

Suit on cell: It's like Michelangelo in my mouth…

–37th & 8th

Wednesdays Want You to Move to the Back Of the One-Liner

Bus driver: I'll make a deal with you: exit through the rear door and I'll take you to Treasure Island!

–M60 Bus

Bus driver: We are all in this together. Smoosh up, and hold on for your life.

–M104 Bus

Bus driver, on PA: I hope everyone enjoyed your day and has learned to enjoy all of your days. This is Coney Island, so you might get shot and not be here tomorrow.

–B74 Bus

Bus driver: Now, I'm not naming names, but to the person who had to search through your five dead MetroCards to find the one that worked, you hold us all up. And then, I saw you put the MetroCard that worked… Back in your purse, with non-working ones. Here's a suggestion: get a plastic box from the 99 cent store, put it on your tv. Put the dead cards in the box. Who knows? Maybe it will grow some money.

–Bx7 Bus

So I'm Green in All Ways.

20-something woman: I like that you planted a tree on Earth Day, dad.
60-something man: I also smoked up on 4/20.

–Broadway & 8th Ave

Worst. Birthday Present. Ever.

Guy #1: So did that make you uncomfortable, what I did last night?
Guy #2: Yeah. I was uncomfortable. I mean, we just walked in and there he was naked and passed out on the couch.

–Port Authority

A Food Policeman's Lot Is Not a Happy One

Girl #1: So I told Monica, if I were in ever in a relationship where I had to ask permission to eat a burrito, I'd shoot myself.
Girl #2: Yeah.

–Prospect Park

We Bring You This Reader's Digest Moment With Profound Reluctance

Bus driver, over loudspeaker: Okay, who can tell me which of these sentences is correct: “the yolks of the eggs *is* white?, or ?the yolks of the eggs *are* white”?
Passengers, after some discussion: The yolks of the eggs *are* white.
Bus driver: The yolks of the eggs are *yellow*! Hah! So much for college!
Passenger: That's not a very good “yolk.”
Bus driver: Ah, the yolk is on you!

–M101 Bus

Overheard by: I was only on this bus b/c the !@#!# M98 never comes

…Do I Need to Show You the Flow-chart Again?

Man: It's nice to be white and in money.
Woman: I don't have any money. In fact I'm looking for a rich boyfriend, let me know if you know of any.
Man: Like your ex-husband?
Woman: No, I'm done with bald white guys.
Other woman: Wait… Are you done with bald guys, or white guys?
Woman: No, I'll do a bald black guy, or a white guy with hair.

–Broadway Dive, 101st & Broadway