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Don't Drive in New York, Asshole

Suit: You're just doing this cause you want attention!
Traffic cop writing ticket: And you saying this is going to make me stop. (pause) Riiiighht… –Broadway & 28th St

The Prince Updates Sleeping Beauty After Awakening Her With a Kiss

Girl: Hey, look at the guy in the poster over there. He's pretty cute. Who is he?
Boy: Are you kidding me? That's Barack fucking Obama.
Girl: Obama? Who's that?
Boy: He's our President!
Girl: He is? Then what happened to Bush? –Bryant Park Overheard by: A. E. Stover

Guess He's Fucked, Ma'am

Mother: Honey, do you want hummus or prosciutto in your croque?
Seemingly adorable five-year-old son: Proshuuuuuuuuuto!
(several minutes of them speaking French)
Mother to waiter: He's allergic to macadamia nuts and buckwheat. –Le Pain Quotidien, 64th & Lexington


Girl: She just sent me a text with a frowny face. A fucking frowny face! That's it?! That's all I get?! A fucking frowny face?!
Guy: That's not cool. –42nd St & Madison Ave Overheard by: Samah

We're Not Touching This One.

Little boy: I'm a moron!
Mother: No, honey, it's 'Mormon.' But yes, you are. –106th & West End Overheard by: Julia S

But It's in the Zagat Guide!

Girl #1: I just want someone to love me!
Girl #2: I love you!
Girl #1: But will you lick my pussy?
Girl #2: No.
Girl #1: I rest my case. –S'MAC – Sarita's Macaroni & Cheese Overheard by: Bruce Lee

“We Will Never…Um…”

Man: Miss, sorry, can you tell me what is the way to go to Ground Zero?
Waitress: Ground Zero?
Man: Yeah, Ground Zero!
Waitress: What the hell is Ground Zero? –Times Square

Baby Got No-Back

Receptionist: What's in the package?
Office worker: It's a full denim jumpsuit with the back cut out.
Receptionist: What's it for?
Office worker: A baby shower. I wanted to wear something, you know…
Receptionist: Sophisticated. –Wall Street Office Overheard by: thecaitd