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Ooo, I Like a Guy Who's Family Oriented!

Guy. hitting on girl: When I do something, I do something big. Like when I take you out to eat, we're not gonna go to McDonald's.
Girl, flattered: Oh yeah? Where are you gonna take me?
Guy, boasting: Olive Garden!

–Uptown 4 Train

Wouldn't It Be More Accurate to Say I Make You Nauseous

Woman: She's having morning sickness, but only in the evening.
Man: Wouldn't it be more accurate to just say she gets nauseous in the evening?
Woman, after pause: And then you complain you have no friends.


Overheard by: Big Larry

Judge Starr Loves the DNA

Defendant to officer: How do you think I'm doing?
Officer: Pretty good, but that pesky DNA might be a problem.

–Manhattan Supreme Court