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Yeah, but You Looooove Coc.

Guy #1: Comrade is developing a new religion. He says I can be his first disciple.
Guy #2: What is it?
Guy #1: Should I love him and follow him?
Guy #2: I'd need to hear more about it.
Guy #1: The Church of Comrade. COC. The COC.
Guy #2: Well, I like the name.

–Heather's Bar

Overheard by: Z

How New Yorkers Say “Pardon, Ma'am.”

Texting ghetto girl running into young suit: The word is “excuse me”!
Young suit, flipping out: The word is “pay attention and stop texting, you stupid bitch.” So back the fuck off and happy holidays.

–Park Ave & 15th St

Overheard by: Tom