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In Person, Toucan Sam Is Kind Of an Asshole.

6-year-old girl in cereal aisle: There isn't salt in cereal!
9-year-old brother: Well, apparently you haven't heard of refining and what they do to make it taste better! Duh! They add sugar and salt! You're dumb and that one's gross.

–Whole Foods

Overheard by: Joli

And I Didn't Even Hit You

Plastered Asian guy to Asian girl: Your vagina is vibrating! We're having a poor man's abortion!

–7 Train

It's Tough to Keep a Marriage Afloat, People.

Woman: I have an idea. Why don't you tell your wife you want to renew your vows, then take her on a cruise and push her overboard.
Man: If it was that easy, baby, a lot more people would be taking cruises.

–Uptown 6 Train

Overheard by: Carolyn