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A Food Policeman's Lot Is Not a Happy One

Girl #1: So I told Monica, if I were in ever in a relationship where I had to ask permission to eat a burrito, I'd shoot myself.
Girl #2: Yeah.

–Prospect Park

We Bring You This Reader's Digest Moment With Profound Reluctance

Bus driver, over loudspeaker: Okay, who can tell me which of these sentences is correct: “the yolks of the eggs *is* white?, or ?the yolks of the eggs *are* white”?
Passengers, after some discussion: The yolks of the eggs *are* white.
Bus driver: The yolks of the eggs are *yellow*! Hah! So much for college!
Passenger: That's not a very good “yolk.”
Bus driver: Ah, the yolk is on you!

–M101 Bus

Overheard by: I was only on this bus b/c the !@#!# M98 never comes

…Do I Need to Show You the Flow-chart Again?

Man: It's nice to be white and in money.
Woman: I don't have any money. In fact I'm looking for a rich boyfriend, let me know if you know of any.
Man: Like your ex-husband?
Woman: No, I'm done with bald white guys.
Other woman: Wait… Are you done with bald guys, or white guys?
Woman: No, I'll do a bald black guy, or a white guy with hair.

–Broadway Dive, 101st & Broadway