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…How Cute Am I Now, Bitch?

Gangster chess player: You're cute, but let's see how smart you are.
30-something career woman: I'd play you, but I'm on a lunch break from my job. Checkmate.

–Union Square

Overheard by: Bardiva

Which Makes It Easy to Avoid

Woman: This is gonna take forever, isn't it? And the service is from four to six.
Man: Four to six? It's already 5:34.
Woman: Yeah, but you know black folk always late. The only black folk that's on time is Tyler Perry. That show start at eight. Eight o'clock comes around, that show is starting.

–Bx12 Bus

Is That a Euphemism?

Mother: Didn't you see that sign outside where they were selling nuts?
Four-year-old twin #1: I'm nuts for nuts!
Four-year-old twin #2: I'm pistachios for pistachios!

–Uptown 1 Train

Overheard by: Adam

That's a McDonald's Menu, Dude.

Man #1: Greek mythology is old as shit, man!
Man #2: Yeah, I know. It's like the first documents and shit.

–Grand & Clinton

…And It's Too Late

Girl in intellectual group: My sister says there are more Indians in New York than in India.
(twenty minutes later) I think a lot of people don't realize New York is a city until they live here.

–Om Indian Restaurant

Overheard by: rastapasta