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It's a Good Life

Toddler in stroller to obviously frustrated nanny: You're not being nice to me… You're not being nice to me!

–24th St & 6th Ave

Overheard by: Anderson

Your Editors Would Totally Look

Black man sitting on park bench: Yo, she's so ticklish you touch her and she jumps!
Black woman: Yeah, you just look at ma feet and I crack da fuck up.

–Brooklyn Promenade

Overheard by: Andrew Giambrone

Stoned Again, Are We?

Schoolboy #1, looking at John Lennon's Imagine memorial: Beatles, right?
Schoolboy #2: Yup.
Schoolboy #1: Is his body under there?
Schoolboy #2: Yup.

–Strawberry Fields, Central Park

Tonight on The Penis Whisperer

Girl #1, stumbling down the block: If I had a penis, I'd use it!
Guy walking past, stopping dead in his tracks: Whoa!
(girls laugh and keep walking)
Girl #2
: I could have sworn you whispered that!

–Astor Pl

Overheard by: yourbabydaddy