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It's the Economy, Stupid

Hipster #1: I heard she was going to kill herself.
Hipster #2: If you're killing yourself, why not do it in the MoMA?
Hipster #1: Because it's 20 bucks to get in.
Hipster #2: But if you're killing yourself, what's 20 bucks?

–Cooper Union

Overheard by: Jane Lane

Sitcoms Get Edgier Every Year

Guy: The idea is, he paints portraits to get over his guilt over being a rapist and murderer.
Girl: That sounds hilarious.
Guy: Yeah.

–Hudson River Park

Dad's Been Retweeting It Ever Since

Stoned teenage girl on her way to school: Ew, my mom texted my dad this morning, like, “will you have sex with me?”
Stoned teenage girl's friend: Ew!

–M72 Crosstown Bus

We're Guessing You Don't Share Those Jeans.

Well-dressed older woman to another, in line for bathroom: I don't know. I don't think this has been Renee Fleming's best; it's actually pretty bad.
Second well-dressed lady: Hush! Someone might hear you!
Well dressed lady: Who would care?
Girl standing behind them in ripped jeans: I do! She's my aunt!

–Metropolitan Opera

Overheard by: OperaBuff3122


Construction worker, hitting on woman with UN badge: Hey girl, you like you're from some exotic island.
Woman with UN badge, in thick Brooklyn accent: Yeah, I'm from the exotic island of Coney.

–46th & 1st, across UN

Overheard by: Sarah

Promise Keepers Don't Sleep With Just Anybody

Girl: If I go back to your apartment do you promise we won't sleep?
Guy, thinking for a moment: Maybe…

–104 Bus

Overheard by: SimonD

Took Us a Minute

Girl #1: So I was reading this article on the Hungarian diet the other day…
Girl #2: Does it work?

–Columbia University