A Wednesday One-Liners Reunion Tour

Wannabe hipster girl: There’s this band called ‘The Dandy Warhols.’ I, like, always confuse them with Andy Warhol.

–The Knitting Factory

Overheard by: jengray

Tween girl: Duran Duran was not a Duran or a Duran, so just cease and desist.

–Borders near Penn Station

Overheard by: Mobtown Boy

20-ish guy to friend: Man, the way he sang ‘Humpty Dumpty’ was just incredible. When he sings it you have no idea he’s singing about an egg.

–59th & Lex station

Late-20s chick in Blink 182 shirt, on cell: Well, that’s it, then. She obviously doesn’t espouse or believe in the aesthetic of Blink 182, so she’s out. We can’t be friends with her anymore.

–The Mercury Lounge

Tonight on Fox: When Stereotypes Attack!

Girl #1, after friend hangs up her cell: Who was that?
Girl #2: My brother’s baby-mama.
Girl #1: So, your sister-in-law?
Girl #2: No, my brother’s baby-mama.
Girl #1: But she would be your sister-in-law if y’all were married, right?
Girl #2: Yeah, I guess.
Girl #1: So, what’d she say?
Girl #2: My baby-father’s in the hospital. Some girl stabbed him in the back.
Girl #1: Who?
Girl #2: Some girl at a barbecue. I wonder what he did to her.
Girl #1: You just can’t control a man’s actions. He’s gonna do what he’s gonna do.
Girl #2: I’ve gotta go to the hospital now. He better not die!