That Was Fast

Girl #1: Wow, your outfits are so cool.
Girl #2: Thanks!
Girl #1: Do you have any more glow bracelets?
Girl #2: Yeah, a lot
Girl #1: Can I have one?
Girl #2: No.
Girl #1: Oh…So before when I said your outfits were cool: I was totally lying. –Joshua Tree ladies’ room, 3rd Avenue Overheard by: e jack

But How Did We Breathe?

Ditzy teenage girl: Wait, are we on an island?
Nonplussed teenage boy: Yep.
Ditzy teenage girl: How did we get here?
Nonplussed teenage boy: The Lincoln tunnel.
Ditzy teenage girl: It goes underwater?
Nonplussed teenage boy: It goes underwater. –1 Train

The Harvey Milk School?

Teenage boy: I go to a high school!
Teenage girl: Really? I go to a magical unicorn palace! –Westminster Rd, Brooklyn Overheard by: Sunny